Two large drugs gangs broken up

Police revealed on Saturday that they have arrested 15 people who were allegedly members of a nationwide drugs ring that had as many as 119 members.

The gang is alleged to have trafficked 2 kilos of cocaine and 75 kilos of cannabis since May for a profit of 400,000 euros.

The arrests were made after raids in Larissa, Katerini and Thessaloniki earlier in the week.

Police also said that they arrested 17 of 24 suspected members of a drugs trafficking ring that operated in Attica and Magnesia.

The gang allegedly shipped in drugs from Turkey and Albania. It is thought that the ring trafficked at least three kilos of heroin since November, making profits of around 120,000 euros.

The gang was allegedly led by two men aged 44 and 51. Officers searched 16 homes as part of the operation.