Greece won’t accept bailout programs like past ones, says spokesman

Greece is committed to not continuing an international bailout similar to the ones agreed with the EU and IMF by previous governments, its spokesman said on Sunday.

“(Greece) will not continue with a program which has the characteristics of the programs of previous governments,» Gabriel Sakellaridis told Greek TV.

Sakellaridis also said that Greece has agreed with its European partners that there needs to be a «national reform plan» to deal with decades-long issues of the economy.

But he added that the new Greek government will not clash with the public based on orders from outside.

Regarding labour and pension issues, he said:

“We’re willing, where there are issues of privilege, to discuss them… but we’re not going to clash with society,» Gabriel Sakellaridis told Greek TV in an interview.

Sakellaridis also said the government would find a way for the country’s battered banking system to work in the interests of economic growth.