Migrants to start leaving Amygdaleza detention center next week

Authorities are to gradually begin releasing undocumented immigrants from a much-criticized detention center in Amygdaleza, northwest of Athens, from next Tuesday, it was decided on Wednesday.

Migrants who have been in the facility for more than six months will be released first, according to a decision by Alternate Minister for Citizens Protection Yiannis Panousis and his Immigration Policy counterpart Tasia Christodoulopoulou. The condition for their release is that they provide a permanent address and report to their local police station twice a month.

Of some 1,000 immigrants in the Amygdaleza facility, an estimated 500 have been there for more than six months; around 100 of the latter face criminal charges and will remain in detention until their deportation.

The remaining 400 are to be released in groups of 30 per day. Authorities will also seek to transfer 60 minors to more appropriate accommodation.