Thessaloniki jeweler cheated by woman posing as mayor’s aide

A 28-year-old woman who allegedly managed to steal 2,700 euros’ worth of valuables from a jewelry store in Thessaloniki by posing as an aide to Mayor Yiannis Boutaris faced a prosecutor on Wednesday on charges of fraud and theft.

According to police sources, the woman convinced the 31-year-old businessman to hand over 2,700 euros’ worth of jewelry, saying that municipal authorities would foot the bill.

Shortly after handing over the valuables, the store owner became suspicious and contacted the municipality, where staff explained to him that no such order had been authorized by Boutaris.

The businessman contacted police and the 28-year-old was detained by officers when she returned to the store for reasons that remained unclear.

She had already sold the jewelry to a local pawn shop, police sources said.