Vandals spray swastikas on memorial to murdered anti-fascist rapper

Keratsini Municipality in southern Athens said on Thursday that there is still an “open front” with fascists in the area after a monument erected in memory of rapper Pavlos Fyssas, murdered by a Golden Dawn member in September 2013, was vandalized.

Several swastikas and a symbol for British neo-Nazi group Combat 18 were spray-painted onto the monument, which was erected last year.

“This new brazen provocation and the reappearance of fascists on our streets proves that this front is still open,” the municipality said in a statement.

Fyssas was stabbed to death by Golden Dawn supporter Giorgos Roupakis, prompting the arrest of dozens of party members, as well as leader Nikos Michaloliakos and several MPs.

Their trial is due to start next month.