Gov’t adviser suggests Greek MPs could vote on deal in separate bills

Even as other eurozone parliaments, including Germany’s, held votes on an agreement between Greece and its creditors to extend the country’s loan agreement, a senior adviser to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras indicated that Greek MPs may not hold such a vote, at least not on the full deal.

In comments to Skai television, State Minister Nikos Pappas said officials had not yet decided whether to hold a ballot on the deal but said lawmakers would have the chance to vote on separate bills detailing separate measures included in the agreement.

The process is expected to begin next week when the government is expected to submit a bill on a payment plan for pending tax dues is to be finalized.

In an interview with ANT1 television on Friday, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said a draft law allowing taxpayers to honor their dues in up to 100 instalments would be prepared over the weekend.

The legislation will essentially tweak a scheme introduced late last year by the government. Creditors had expressed concern about the terms of such a measure being too lenient.