Bank robbers caught dividing up their loot

A gang of Albanian robbers that exclusively targeted Greece’s largest private bank has been broken following the arrest of two suspected members in the act of splitting the loot from a recent heist, police said yesterday. The 19-year-old Albanian nationals, Kristo Sambani and Kenki Sadigai, were charged yesterday with three attacks on Attica Alpha Bank branches that netted the gang over 330,000 euros. Police are now seeking another three Albanian suspects – including a man only identified as Benny, who is believed to have been the gang leader. Sambani and Sadigai were arrested early on Thursday in a car in Aghia Paraskevi, northern Athens, engrossed in the division of some 4,700 euros – their share from an 8,600-euro robbery at an Athens Alpha branch on Wednesday. The gang’s most lucrative heist was a 300,000-euro robbery in Rafina, eastern Attica, on July 21.