Man kills lover over pocketed 150 euros

A 20-year-old Albanian man knifed his 37-year-old Greek lover to death on Wednesday after accusing her of stealing 150 euros from his trouser pocket, police in Serres said on Saturday. Tsentian Vila used a butcher’s knife with an 18-centimeter blade to stab Sofoula Tambaki, a mother of two, at her home in the village of Strymoniko near Serres during an intense argument after the woman denied the theft, according to police. The young man then allegedly wrapped Tambaki’s body in a sheet and disposed of it in a trash dumpster about 70 meters from the victim’s home. Interviews with Tampaki’s family and acquaintances eventually led police to Vila who, after hours of interrogation, admitted his crime and led officers to the corpse. Vila faced a Xanthi prosecutor on murder charges.