ATM fraud gear netted at border

Police in northern Greece believe they may be close to cracking a major international gang specializing in credit and bank card fraud after Sunday’s arrest of two men at the Bulgarian border who were trying to smuggle into Greece a device that copies card data from ATMs. The two suspects, whose names were not made public, are a Bulgarian national and an ethnic Greek from Georgia, police said yesterday when announcing the arrests. A search of their car at the Promachonas crossing, near Serres in eastern Macedonia, revealed sophisticated copying equipment of a type never before located in Greece, which can be linked with automated-teller machines to reveal the secret pin numbers entered by bank clients making cashcard withdrawals. Police also located 200 forged cards stashed in the car, which will be examined to see whether they have been used for withdrawals. In early August, a micro-camera capable of recording pin numbers was discovered installed on a bank ATM in the northern town of Komotini.