Anarchists raid media offices

In two concerted operations in northern Greece and Crete yesterday, dozens of anarchists invaded a radio station and a state news agency to demand the release of seven people held over June’s anti-globalization riots in Thessaloniki. Police arrested 29 people during the June 21 riots – during protests against the EU summit in Halkidiki – that caused over a million euros in damage to shops, banks and cars. Seven suspects were remanded in custody. Around noon yesterday, up to 50 anarchists burst into the Macedonian Press Agency offices, cut the power and hung up a banner calling for the suspects’ release. About an hour later some 30 youths invaded the Radio Crete offices in Iraklion, interrupted the program and read a statement in support of the seven. A Thessaloniki state radio station was attacked on Wednesday. An anarchist group claimed responsibility for a spate of firebomb attacks on Athens politicians and public figures earlier this month, citing solidarity with the detainees.