In Brief


Railway employees convicted A Xanthi misdemeanors court has handed down two-and-a-half-year suspended jail sentences for negligence to three Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) employees in connection with the death in February 2000 of a 70-year-old commuter, found on a railway track near Xanthi after apparently falling out of a train, court sources said yesterday. Vassilis Kambouridis had been aboard an Athens-bound train from Dikaia in Evros when the door of his carriage somehow opened and he fell out, the court heard. The employees appealed against their convictions and were released. OSE denies the door could have opened of its own accord. Blind bet A blind betting shop agent in Kyrgia, Drama, risks losing his livelihood after being cheated by youths who gambled 93,000 euros on their «joker» lottery ticket but paid him just 7.75 euros, the Athens News Agency reported yesterday. Kyriakos Valvos, 54, only realized he had been duped when the national soccer pool and lottery organization (OPAP) called him after its central system registered the massive bet submitted to the machine at his shop, the ANA said, adding that OPAP has since switched off the machine. Valvos said he hopes the youths will own up, the agency said.