New ultra-modern terminus won’t be ready until 2007

According to the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Intercity Transport Drivers, Sophocles Fatsios, who declares himself fully aware of his share of responsibility for the delays in building a new station, at best the new station on Iera Odos will be ready for use in 2007, when the Aghios Savvas metro station at the site is completed, the third on the Monastiraki-Aegaleo line. «Above the metro station will be an ultra-modern building for all the intercity bus termini now housed at the KTEL stations on Kifissou and Liosion avenues,» he said. A group of professors at the National Technical University have been contracted to work on a preliminary design, while an area of 9 hectares is being bought up at the corner of the Iera Odos and Aghias Annis Street. The cost of the new station is expected to reach 58.7 million euros. A total 137 meters of escalators will link the covered station to the metro beneath it. A parking station will have space for 1,200 buses and 1,500 cars. Separate bays will serve urban bus routes and taxis.