Cretan fishermen net tourist’s lost dentures

LONDON (Reuters) – A British holidaymaker who lost his false teeth while swimming off Crete was reunited with them two weeks later after fishermen caught them in their nets, The Times newspaper reported yesterday. Don Masey, 59, lost his teeth as he swam back to shore. «I thought it would be quicker to do the crawl,» he told the paper. «The problem is you have to suck and blow. So I sucked, and then when I blew, I blew my teeth out.» Despite sending his children out snorkeling in search of them, Masey failed to find the errant gnashers before returning to Britain at the end of his holiday. Two weeks later, fishermen netted the teeth and took them to a local bar to ask if anyone had lost them. When told about a toothless Englishman seen in the resort, they went to a tour operator who forwarded the dentures to a travel agency in Britain, which sent them on to Masey.