ND seeks inclusive policies

Opposition leader Costas Karamanlis yesterday broke with the harder elements of his conservative party to call for more inclusive policies regarding immigrants. Speaking in Thessaloniki and in the aftermath of an incident in which a local Albanian schoolboy was prevented from carrying the Greek flag during an «Ohi Day» school parade, Karamanlis discussed the need for a «national dialogue» on immigration policy that should be implemented «with the help of the State and local authorities.» «We have to overcome the stumbling block of prejudice and distrust regarding anyone who seems a stranger,» he said. «We want policies that are humane, modern and open, which show respect for citizens, safeguard their rights and remind them of their duties.» Karamanlis said that the smooth integration of immigrants into Greek society is a basic tenet for his party. «Immigrants should be gradually incorporated into Greek society in a process of mutual respect and understanding. We must accept what is different… and they must respect the country where they will live and raise their children.»