Roads destined for 2004 use

A) Olympic Ring: Attiki Odos, Kifissou, Poseidonos, Syngrou, Kallirois, Vas. Constantinou, Vas. Sofias, Kifissias. Total length, 36.6 km (23 miles). These roads will have the most stringent traffic regulation measures, since they will be used by almost all the Olympic Family. b) Primary Olympic Road Network: Attiki Odos, Poseidonos, Katehaki, Marathonos, Markopoulou, Varis-Koropiou, Athens-Lamia national road, Kymis. Total length, 238.5 km (148 miles). These are the main routes to and from Olympic venues. c) Secondary Olympic Road Network: Mesogeion, Vouliagmenis, Thivon, Iera Odos, Capodistriou, Pendelis. Total length, 330 km (205 miles). Secondary routes to and from Olympic venues. d) Emergency vehicle access routes: Will serve emergency vehicles (ambulances, fire engines and patrol cars).