Pakistanis attacked by Piraeus biker gang

Two Pakistani immigrants were injured during what appears to have been a racist rampage by a motorcycle gang in Piraeus on Monday evening, police said yesterday. The first attack targeted a video rental business owned by Yula Arsat. A group of about 20 youths drove up to the shop in the Piraeus district of Palia Kokkinia, and started verbally abusing Arsat. They then entered the shop and, when Arsat called for help, started punching him around the head. At the same time, other gang members began to smash up the shop. Leaving Arsat prostrate, the youths drove off on their bikes, only to draw up at a bus stop where they attacked Pakistani national Hasan Bubasar. Neither man was seriously injured. Police link the attack with a hit-and-run accident on Saturday, in which a local teenager was killed by a car with two Pakistanis inside. The driver evaded arrest.