Five separate organizations

Five new organizations on the management of water resources are provided for: 1) National Water Commission: An interministerial body headed by the environment minister with the participation of the ministers of development, agriculture, the interior, health and welfare, and finance. 2) National Water Council: A forum for issues related to water conservation, with the participation of nearly everyone, as is usual with committees such as these – political parties, local government, municipal and other water companies, unions, industrial associations, the Public Power Corporation (PPC), the technical and geotechnical chambers, IGME, the National Center for Marine Exploration, the National Biotope-Wetland Center, the Democritos Nuclear Research Center, the National Center for the Environment and Sustainable Development, the Consumer Institute (INKA) and the National Agricultural Research Foundation (ETHIAGE). At least 22 representatives will meet once a year. 3) Central Water Service: The executive organ of Greece’s new water policy, which will draw up national programs to conserve, administer, monitor and coordinate water supplies. 4) Regional Water Departments: These will be responsible for specifying programs for local conditions and for the local catchment areas within their boundaries. 5) Regional Water Council: A forum at regional level, once again comprising a number of participants (almost 30), including a delegate from each prefecture and each local union of municipalities, water supply and sewage companies, farmers’ unions, non-governmental environmental organizations and many others.