We now have the ability to restrict our contacts with the outside world to a minimum, with the exception perhaps of street kiosks which are not as yet online. According to psychologists, however, these services are an illusion. «It is not an advantage for you to sit at home and have everything at your fingertips. It is not an advantage for people to be made passive, inactive,» said Dimitris Danias, a psychologist and human behavioral analyst. Among other things, it makes people think that they are not offering themselves anything. Importance of choice «Offering yourself something involves judgment, participation and choice. When those factors are removed, we are individuals without personalities, without initiatives,» he said. «It is one thing to go pick out out a flower from a florist to offer someone but quite another to choose one from a website. Choice requires an emotional charge,» he said. «Who wouldn’t like to be beamed from one end of the city to the other instead of sitting in a car for two hours? But we would lose the authenticity of ‘competing’ with the next person. The authenticity is in the trouble we go to. In a way, daily stress is necessary in our lives.» According to Spyros Bakoyiannis, president of the Greek Association of Computer Scientists and associate of the Piraeus Technical College, these services increase the factors that lead to the isolation of the individual. «Even entertainment has become desocialized,» he said.