Citibank bomb intrigues police

Counterterrorism experts were yesterday investigating the remains of a time bomb left outside an American bank in Athens on Tuesday night, to assess whether the attack could be linked with resurgent members of a left-wing terrorist group believed to have been all but eradicated. The bomb, consisting of three sticks of dynamite linked to a clock and a fuse, failed to go off and was destroyed by police experts in a controlled explosion at 10.35 p.m. on Tuesday. It had been left outside a Citibank branch on the corner of Olof Palme and Papagou streets, in Zografou. In an anonymous call to the Eleftherotypia daily at 9.50 p.m., the group «Christos Kassimis» said a bomb was about to explode outside the Zografou bank and claimed responsibility for the attack. The name Christos Kassimis – a suspected founding member of the Revolutionary Popular Struggle (ELA) group killed in a 1977 shootout with police – has been used by terrorists believed to belong to an ELA side-branch. Four ELA suspects were arrested at the beginning of this year. The group has lain dormant since 1995.