Greeks fear globalized economy

Most Greeks see market globalization as a frightening trend that threatens local companies and jobs as well as individuals, according to a European Union-wide poll published yesterday. Greeks came out as the most wary EU nationals as far as globalization is concerned. Asked by Eurobarometer pollsters whether globalization that led to a truly global market would be a positive or a negative development, 51 percent chose the latter answer, and 47 percent agreed with the first. The average answer across the EU was 63 percent positive and 29 percent negative. Asked about their country’s approach to the global economy, 15 percent of Greek respondents found it very open, 48 percent very closed and 35 percent said it was tailored to international requirements. Some 58 percent saw globalization as a threat rather than an opportunity for employment and national enterprises – with 40 percent terming it an opportunity. And 52 percent said globalization would adversely affect the country’s economy, while 46 percent said the process would personally harm them and their families.