Suspected crime king dies riddled with shots

A suspected Piraeus underworld king died riddled with 16 bullets in an ambush outside his house early yesterday, in what police fear could be the start of a new vendetta among the capital’s protection gangs. Constantinos Tsantsaridis, 35, expired behind the wheel of his car as he was parking in front of his house at 16 Ivis Street in the Piraeus district of Kallipolis, after being attacked by two gunmen who drew up on a motorcycle. Police said Tsantsaridis’s killers – whose faces were concealed behind crash helmets – fired 20 nine-millimeter pistol rounds, starting from the passenger’s side and moving round the front of the car to the driver’s seat. Sixteen bullets found their target, who died on the spot. The victim allegedly led an extortion gang that controlled nightspots throughout Piraeus. Despite being arrested and charged twice in the past, he was never convicted.