Three-wheeler uses natural gas

It was a long journey for the students of the 6th Technical College of Iraklion from the village of Kyparissi, where they found the junked-up three-wheel hauler, to the city’s port, where they went with the original vehicle, and then on to the exhibition with the final finished product. The kids from Crete adapted a petrol-powered engine so that it could be installed at the front of the vehicle, started up with gasoline and then run on natural gas. The result of their labors is an environmentally friendly vehicle with very low levels of exhaust emissions. Why did they select the rickety three-wheel farm hauler? «Because Crete is absolutely full of them,» according to one of the pupils. «They are used to transport olives, oil or wine. «But when they break down, they are dumped – usually in a field somewhere. But these three-wheel haulers are not just scrap metal. They can still be put to good use.»