Greece’s next generation of innovators

THESSALONIKI – The Second Exhibition of Young Researchers held recently at the Thessaloniki International Fair grounds displayed the work of 300 pupils from some 31 technical high schools (TEE) based on scientific and technological applications within the «Technomatheia III» program set up by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology and implemented by the Center for the Dissemination of Science. The exhibits ranged from hybrid vehicles and energy-saving refrigerators to imaginative ideas for processing, producing and marketing olive and grape products. The young people who took part in the exhibition were justified in feeling, as one of them said, that «this is the future.» An original solar-driven vehicle built at the Kozani TEE, an ice cube maker from Salamina, an automated greenhouse from Alexandroupolis and an organically produced Cabernet Sauvignon from Eleftheroupolis were just some of the exhibits. The purpose of Technomatheia is not inventions but for the pupils to experience a different kind of educational process whereby theory meets with practice through an approach to knowledge of the culture of technology that transcends the formal framework of a classroom. So far, 85 schools, 800 pupils and 250 teachers have participated in the Technomatheia programs.