Aegean and Ionian islands

Santorini: A very good year for grape quality and quantity. Favorable sprouting conditions combined with rains in winter and spring made for robust plants, which is unheard of in Santorini’s unusual vineyards. Production was higher than in previous years and the grapes were exceptionally ripe. The wine is expected to be delicate, aromatic, and rich in flavor. Samos: Production increased by about 10 percent this year and was of very high quality, due to favorable weather conditions in summer. Rhodes: High temperatures in August delayed ripening and the grapes were low in sugars. Paros: Production increased by 20 percent and the grapes were of high quality. Crete: The vintage was late and production fell 30 percent, but all varieties were in excellent condition and very ripe. Cephalonia: The vines sprouted 20 days late, with abrupt fluctuations in the ripening process, and the harvest began early on August 11 with the Moschato variety and produced a higher yield than last year, though normal by the island’s standards. Grape quality was excellent and the wine should be the best in a decade.