Biker held for cop’s fatal crash

An unemployed youth was charged yesterday with causing the death of a motorcycle policeman during a high-speed bike chase through central Athens last Sunday. Christos Dimopoulos, 22, was arrested late on Sunday in his Zografou home, one week after the death of officer Panayiotis Dimou, 33, who crashed into a traffic light on the corner of Vassileos Constantinou and Pausania streets while chasing – with a second motorcycle policeman – a suspect on a 600cc bike. Police said the suspect, who had allegedly been speeding, kicked Dimou as he drew alongside, causing the officer to lose his balance and crash. Dimopoulos was charged with «murder with possible malice aforethought» and driving without a license, and was remanded in custody pending trial. Vassilis Tsiatouras, Attica security police chief, said the suspect admitted he had been the two officers’ quarry but denied having touched Dimou. Tsiatouras also thanked the dozens of Athenians who helped police with their investigation, providing crucial leads.