Convict gets himself deported to freedom

A convicted Greek drug dealer has won his freedom by getting an Albanian detainee up for deportation to switch identities with him in exchange for a luxury car and an average Greek worker’s annual salary, a report said on Saturday. The convict, whose name was not made public, was transferred last Monday from Larissa Prison – where he was serving a 13-year term – to Kastoria to be tried for theft, according to the Eleftheros Typos daily. Somehow, he was put in a cell with three Albanians awaiting deportation for illegally entering Greece. Promising a future reward of a Mercedes car and 15,000 euros, the Greek persuaded one of his cellmates to let him be deported in his place. This ruse earned him a free taxi trip to southern Albania on Wednesday. The real illegal immigrant will have to wait for his reward. He was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for his part in the trick.