Panayiotis Carydis and his achievements

Panayiotis Carydis needs little introduction. He is the academic expert whom everybody – state bodies, scientists, private citizens – turns to in matters of seismic protection, and above all after a catastrophic earthquake. Co-inventor of the seismic simulator, operative since 1986 at the NTUA’s Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering, which he founded in 1978 and has directed ever since, he is the first vice president of the EU’s earthquake engineering program as of last year. In addition, besides his university teaching duties (as professor of earthquake engineering at the NTUA’s civil engineering faculty since 1978) and professional work, he has produced hundreds of papers and dozens of research projects, such as microzone effect studies, seismic risk assessments, vibration measurements in buildings and bridges, and earthquake regulations. Among the hundreds of studies on the repair and reinforcement of buildings, those on the Castle of the Knights of St John on Rhodes and the old palace on Corfu are the ones that stand out.