Likely rulings against the accused

Rumors are already rife regarding the likely verdicts in the trial of the 19 suspected members of November 17, expected to be announced this coming week. The summations by the two prosecutors can be considered to be partly indicative of the final rulings to come, and defense lawyers do not think there will be any major surprises. The only exception, in the case of some of the accused, could be possible recognition of the fact that they had borne no evil intent. The presiding judge, Michalis Margaritis, has hinted that this could be the case by saying in some court sessions that he does not consider the accused common criminals. If the court allows this for some of the accused (the most likely is Dimitris Koufodinas), then the crimes will automatically be considered as politically motivated, and therefore not subject to life sentences. According to forecasts by judicial sources, the most likely defendants to be acquitted of the charges against them are Yiannis Serifis and Anestis Papanastasiou. Angeliki Sotiropoulou and the penitent Patroklos Tselentis, Sotiris Kondylis, Constantinos Telios and Thomas Serifis are likely to be treated with leniency. Theologos Psaradellis, who is also accused in connection with a robbery, and Dionysis Georgiadis are also likely to receive lighter sentences. The court is expected to come down heavily on Savvas Xeros, Dimitris Koufodinas, Alexandros Yotopoulos and Nikos Papanastasiou, and perhaps slightly less so on Iraklis Kostaris, Constantinos Karatsolis, Vassilis and Christodoulos Xeros.