In Brief


Flight attendants call fourth 4-day strike but disruptions appear unlikely Olympic Airways flight attendants yesterday called their fourth four-day strike in a row following a meeting by unionists who said that OA’s management has made no effort to negotiate with workers. Earlier yesterday OA had confirmed it would be carrying out all 96 scheduled flights out of Athens today. FATAL ACCIDENT Family of four killed when their car collided with truck near Lamia A family of four was killed yesterday when the car they were traveling in veered into the opposite lane of traffic on the Athens-Lamia national road, a few kilometers outside Lamia, and became wedged under an oncoming truck. Giorgios Spyropoulos, 44, who was driving the car, his Cypriot wife Ioanna Hadzihanna, 44, and their children Dimitris and Christos, 14 and 10, were killed instantly. The cause of the accident was unclear, according to rescue workers who took two hours to remove the victims from the wreckage. The truckdriver was not reported as having been harmed. IMPATIENT COMMUTER? Track walker closes down metro line Managers of the Athens metro switched off the electricity supply to Line 3 of the network yesterday evening after a commuter was seen jumping down next to the tracks at Ambelokipi station and walking down the tunnel in the direction of the next stop, Megaro Mousikis. The unidentified man was apprehended by station managers, the Athens News Agency reported. Weather warning The National Meteorological Service yesterday warned regional authorities to prepare for bad weather over the next few days. Rain and storms are forecast across much of the country from tomorrow until Tuesday with snow expected in the mountains of central and northern Greece and parts of Macedonia and Epirus. World Cup draw Greece was yesterday drawn to play against Turkey, Denmark, Ukraine, Georgia, Albania and Kazakhstan in the qualifying matches for the 2006 soccer World Cup in Germany. Hot potato The fourth section of the Supreme Court yesterday referred to the court’s plenary session the case of a group of Muslim Greeks in Xanthi, Thrace, who claim the right to call themselves «The Turkish Union of Xanthi.» A lower court had earlier ruled that the group could not bear such a name as Xanthi’s residents are Muslim Greeks, not Turks. Flour prices The price of flour is set to increase by 25 percent over the next year, producers told Deputy Development Minister Kimon Koulouris yesterday. This will affect the price of bread. Illegal antiquities Police yesterday confiscated 25 undeclared ancient artifacts, along with two revolvers and two shotguns, from the Vouliagmeni home of Ilias Kalagias, 70, a well-known neurosurgeon married to Piraeus’s Deputy Mayor, Paschalia Kalagia. Karamanlis landing An Air France plane carrying opposition leader Costas Karamanlis and other conservative New Democracy officials home from Paris had to make two efforts at landing before touching down at Athens airport late on Thursday. The pilot initially claimed there had been an obstacle on the runway, but it transpired later that this had not been the case. Disabled workers One in 10 working Greeks has officially declared themselves as suffering from a disability or from some long-term health problem, according to data from the European Commission’s statistics service made public yesterday. Dog protest A Swiss animal rights campaigner clad in a dog costume tied himself to a 4-meter crucifix at the Greek Embassy in Berlin yesterday to protest the alleged killing of stray dogs in Athens before the Olympics. Draped in a banner bearing the slogan «No blood for the Olympics,» 23-year-old Max Sartore said he would stay on the crucifix for three days, taking five hours a day off for sleep. (Reuters)