Mugging ‘victim’ had eye on company cash

A Thasos bus driver who invented a spectacular mugging last Thursday to filch 20,000 euros of the bus company’s money admitted to the deception after his story fell apart during questioning, police said yesterday. The 47-year-old man, identified as Panayiotis C., had told police he had been trying to fix the bus’s engine near the village of Rahoni, on the island’s northern coast, when he was attacked by two men who tied him up and robbed him of 20,000 euros. They then supposedly drove him to a remote spot and tied him to a tree. The driver said he managed to free himself and called police on his mobile phone. But after inconsistencies arose in his account, he admitted to having invented the tale with the aid of a 43-year-old friend, as he needed the money. The cash was recovered and both men have been charged.