Police victim clinically dead

A youth shot in the head last week by officers manning a roadblock in Crete was pronounced clinically dead yesterday, as police unions traded accusations over the incident. Three officers – a regular police sergeant and two special guards – have been charged with attempted murder and improper use of their weapons over the shooting of Iraklis Maragakis, 22, although it is still unclear who fired the shot that hit him. Police opened fire at the car Maragakis was in – with another two young men – when the driver tried to escape a roadblock on the road from Anogeia to Iraklion. The youths had allegedly been in possession of 10 grams of cannabis. Yesterday, six young men charged with riotous behavior during a protest at the shooting in Iraklion on Saturday were released pending trial on Monday. Meanwhile, the regular police union blamed the incident on special guards’ «insufficient training.» The latter’s union retorted that a regular officer had been in charge of the squad that shot Maragakis.