Greeks trust Parliament and EU

For most Greeks, Parliament and, in the abstract sense, government add up to much more than the sum of their parts in trustworthiness, according to a new Eurobarometer poll, which also noted high levels of approval in Greece for the European Union and its principal institutions. A survey carried out in all 15 member states by the EU statistics service between October 1 and November 7 and made public in Brussels yesterday found that only one in five Greeks «generally trusts» domestic political parties. However, 54 percent of Greeks polled said they trust the national assembly. And, asked their feelings regarding the country’s government – as an institution, and not in the form of any specific ruling party – 47 percent expressed a sense of confidence, while 50 percent said they felt mistrust. Although this would seem a dismal showing for the institution, it was the third-highest approval rate in the EU, after those of Denmark and Luxembourg. Greece came first in confidence ratings for the European Union, in which two-thirds of all Greek respondents voiced trust. The European Parliament and the Commission also enjoyed 66 percent confidence ratings in Greece. And some 75 percent of Greek respondents to the poll agreed that the country has generally benefited from its EU membership. The Union’s foreign and defense policies also registered strong support. The only aspect of EU membership that seems to enjoy a marginally tarnished public image in Greece was membership in the eurozone, with a 6 percent slip over the past six months in support for the euro – currently at 64 percent. Some 56 percent of respondents expressed the opinion that the state of Greece’s economy will deteriorate next year.