Explosion at judge’s home

Police believe a makeshift bomb that exploded Wednesday night at the entrance to the home of Venizelos Mouratoglou, a judge of the court of first instance, may have been intended to intimidate him as he has been trying cases related to alleged stock market manipulation as well as one involving a bus hijacking. However, police have not ruled out the possibility it was a symbolic act to protest against the 15 guilty verdicts in the November 17 terrorism trial. The explosion caused a fire that was quickly extinguished by the fire brigade. It was the third time Mouratoglou’s home has been hit by a bomb of this type in the past five years. The device, made of three gas canisters and a can of petrol, went off at 11.30 p.m., causing only minor damage to property. Meanwhile, two similar bombs went off in Thessaloniki early yesterday. The first damaged a vehicle belonging to a construction company and the second went off 10 minutes later at the Public Power Corporation building in Kalamaria.