Mass poisonings after new law on stray dogs

Dozens of stray dogs have been fatally poisoned during recent weeks in various parts of Attica, according to animal welfare activists, who complain that such attacks have multiplied since the adoption of new legislation forcing local authorities to care for strays. Liana Alexandri, director of the Hellenic Animal Welfare Society, told Kathimerini that 40 dogs have been poisoned in Nea Makri, on the eastern coast of Attica, over the past few weeks, while a similar fate befell packs of strays in the Athens suburbs of Ilion, Dionysos and Ano Liosia. Many of the victims had been neutered and vaccinated. Animal welfare groups have accused state officials of killing strays ahead of the 2004 Olympics. Alexandri made no such claim, but said it was «remarkable» that mass poisonings followed the passing of the new law, which makes municipalities responsible for creating stray shelters.