We pay more for clothes, shoes and entertainment

Greece is an expensive place to buy a wide variety of products and services, even in comparison with what are the traditionally more expensive markets of Britain, France and Germany. From a market survey Kathimerini carried out in these countries, it emerged that Greece has the highest prices for a number of basic household products such as milk, yogurt, rice, marmalade and flour. At the same time, Greece is one of the most expensive places to buy clothing and shoes. Most items cost considerably more than in the other countries. One can buy two T-shirts in Germany and Britain for the price of one in Greece. Greeks also pay more in a cafe for a cup of coffee, which costs 2.80 euros, compared to 1.70 euros in Britain and Germany and 2 euros in France. Greeks also pay more to drink out (7 euros, compared to 4.30 in Britain and 6 in France). Prices for a beer in a cafe are 5 euros in Greece, 2.50 in Germany, 3.50 in France and 3.60 in Britain. Much the same goes for eating out. As was expected, Greece is cheaper for fruit and vegetables, cigarettes, bus and metro tickets. We also pay less for taxis. However, if we have to visit a doctor, we pay an average of 60 euros per visit, compared to 50 in Germany, 20 in Italy and 57 in Britain.