The machine from hell

An entrepreneur bought a promising, multipurpose device that was a fax, printer and scanner in one. One of the first things he observed was that the device did not retain the time in its memory. He immediately telephoned the company, which asked him to bring the device to its representatives’ headquarters in Aghia Paraskevi. Just before he set out on the long journey through the traffic-clogged streets, the buyer discovered another fault, next to which faulty timekeeping paled by comparison: The ultra-modern fax machine switched itself off whenever it received a message. When he finally reached the company representatives’ head office, he informed the employee in charge, during the process of handing over the machine, about the two problems affecting the device. Unfortunately, he was already returning the way he had come when he saw that only the second problem had been noted down on the receipt. The buyer immediately telephoned the office, and was informed – by another employee – that the information would be duly noted. But it was not. Even when the attempt to repair the machine finally got off the ground, some accessories were replaced with others, supposedly in pristine condition, which were in fact second-hand and equally problematic. It was April 12, 2003 when the businessman first took in his machine to the representatives for repair. Five months later, and after having trekked over to the head office – with the machine – three times, the unlucky businessman had not found a solution and sought help from EKPOIZO. Who was it that said technology made our lives easier?