Spas, night life, gambling — where to go and what to pay

Weary at the end of the year or just looking for some relaxing moments during the Christmas holidays? Try the Therma Sylla baths at Spa Wellness hotel in Aidipsos. The cost of a simple room for two is 398 euros for three nights, 530 for four nights and 660 for five nights. An executive room for two comes to 442, 589 and 735 euros for three, four or five nights respectively. The price includes breakfast, a midday buffet meal and live music on Christmas and New Year’s Eve and evening entertainment for children. If you have children the cost is 20 percent of the normal price per child. Evening entertainment At night in Athens, lots of groups will be playing at nightclubs, tavernas and clubs catering for young people. The cost depends on the price of one bottle of spirits for four people; a bottle of wine for two people is considerably cheaper. Prices for Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the same. If you haven’t already booked, do so now, and be prepared to pay a deposit. At Votanikos, a bottle of spirits costs 170 euros and a bottle of wine 50 euros. At Diogenis Studio, one of the most expensive clubs, a bottle of spirits costs 240 euros, and food is an extra 80 euros per head. Prices are a bit lower at Fever: 180 euros for spirits and 90 euros for wine. Corresponding prices at Poseidonio, a classic venue, are 150 and 75 euros. Vox is far more expensive, with the cost for four people at 200 euros, and a bottle of wine half that. At Epto Ourano, spirits cost 120 euros, wine 40 euros and food 55 euros per person. A taverna is far cheaper. A festive meal at To Koutouki tis Fotinis comes to 25 euros per person and 10 euros extra for wine. Young people who want to go dancing on Christmas or New Year’s Eve will have to pay 160 euros a bottle at a club like Destijl or 150 at Prive. Casinos will have live music to attract customers during the festive season. Stelios Dionysiou is playing at Loutraki, Yiannis Spanos at Mont Parnes and Marios Tokas at Thessaloniki.