Numerous programs on the same theme promise a great deal but demand even more

This time the inspiration came from Thessaloniki. A TV game show that has been playing in the northern city for nine months recently moved to channel Seven and is also showing on a pirate station in Attica. It goes on after midnight under the title «All Yours» and, according to the presenter, «there has never been anything like it on Greek television.» Based on a puzzle with 15 squares – one at the beginning and one at the end, 11 concealing prizes (usually electrical goods) and two «bombs» (we got through on the fifth call, after spending 80 euros on the phone line), the game asks contestants to choose a course that will allow them to open as many squares as they can without landing on a bomb. The failure of each contestant increases the jackpot by 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 euros, depending on the producer’s whim, as a further temptation for the candidate. Since there is a lot of money and someone has to win it, most people risk losing their gains, promising themselves another try. Coming back does not ensure success but it does mean more outlay – in our case another 85 euros. Although the money we lost was a pittance compared to the tens of thousands of euros the producer theoretically hands out to the winners, simple arithmetic will give an idea of just how much the show earns. It’s worth taking a look at the show just to see its presenter, Constantinos Rostan, who has a friendly way with callers that seems appealing, despite the crude humor («the Taleban strike again» is one of his quips when a contestant lands on a bomb). Earlier, on the show «Cinema Moments» on the same channel, young «cinephiles» show viewers an obvious photograph and ask them to guess which film it is taken from. Channel Seven has a third game show, «Mobile Mania,» where though there is a cut-off point for calling in, it appears that the channel accepts calls even two hours after the show is over, while it is almost impossible to get a line. Giorgos Achladiotis distinguishes himself by handing out suitcases to unsuccessful contestants in «Quiz Game» on Polis channel, which has questions such as: «Who was Zebediah’s children’s father?» Winners get electrical appliances and money. Other questions vary from «What are clementines?» and «Where do water lilies grow?» to «Where is the Colosseum?» One wonders what kind of people take part in shows such as «Take, Take» and «Oro d’oro» on Extra 3 channel, where three bright young things, one of whom once appeared on «Big Brother 2,» hand out money to successful contestants. While waiting on the line, we heard the following exhortation: «Get the right answer and win gifts and hot cash, have fun and win, even if there is no time for you to go on air. The more often you call, the more chances you have of winning.»