Executed as an example

More than a decade after the collapse of the Soviet system, the new economic elite in the countries of the former bloc has become acquainted with the favored drug of the rich, cocaine. Large shipments arrive from Latin America to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria via the port of Burgas, with the help of the Bulgarian mafia. For cocaine going mainly to Central Europe, the Albanian port of Durres is of vital importance, followed by the port of Piraeus. In 2001, on the beautiful island of Aruba in the Caribbean Sea, Bulgarian Poly Pantev, a collaborator with a Puerto Rican drug cartel, was murdered. The drug barons had entrusted him with shipping 600 kilos of cocaine to Russia via Burgas, but the shipment never arrived. They called him in to explain, and Pantev went along to the meeting with a 19-year-old model in the hope of finding a solution, but the rule of the mafia is clear in such situations – death, to set an example.