Prosecutor proposes denial of convict’s request for electronic monitoring bracelet

Greek authorities feared a backlash on Wednesday following an Athens prosecutor’s proposal that a request by anarchist and convicted robber Nikos Romanos asking that he be allowed to attend classes at an Athens technical college (TEI) wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet be rejected.

An amendment permitting prisoners to visit campus as long as they wear a monitoring device was passed in December last year, following a prolonged hunger strike by Romanos. The legislation stipulated that only students who had already successfully completed a third of their first semester via distance learning would be eligible for the program.

Nevertheless, a joint ministerial decision by the justice and education ministers outlining the specific requirements for granting permission to detained students has yet to be issued.

Romanos applied to Korydallos Prison’s council to take part in the program a few days ago. In the absence of a joint ministerial decree, the prison council then asked for the prosecutor’s opinion. Following the latter’s suggestion, Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos on Wednesday said a joint ministerial decision was in the pipeline.