‘Don’t forget who owns the media’

PASOK is talking openly of a «hidden program» and a «hidden agenda» which New Democracy will implement the day after the elections, if it assumes power. Those who are talking about a hidden agenda are the ones who waited for the outcome of machinations and under-the-table agreements to find out under what leader they would have going into the elections. But to answer your question, our five major programs – education, the rural population, the state, health and the economy – offer contemporary solutions to the problems of the Greeks. We have already presented our plans for what we will do in government on education, rural development, public administration and local government. We plan to present our program for health and the economy immediately after the festive season. Yet I hear PASOK harping on that we don’t have a program. It’s not only PASOK that accuses you of not having a program. It is only PASOK, even if they come in the guise of television presenters. Don’t forget who owns the media that support the regime and select its deputies in advance. What do you intend to change if you win the elections? What can we expect from a New Democracy government? What PASOK cannot offer – the style and the ethos of governance. The public will be able to trust politicians again. Greeks want a new model, far from the unforgettable Papandreou-style: «We said he could give himself a little present, but not 500 million.» The public want the state to be on its side and not be its enemy. They want it to remember them, not only when it wants them to file a tax return, but also when they have problems, when they go to hospital, when they have dealings with public administration or when their child has difficulty finding work. Greece and the Greeks possess tremendous potential, but the wealth of this country is being exploited by a few powerful people. That has to change. Fair, socially balanced distribution. You’ll never hear [ND leader] Costas Karamanlis talk about magical solutions. What symbolizes tomorrow’s prime minister is a break with the bonds of the past, and the construction of a future with prosperity and justice.

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