Ruling SYRIZA’s popularity dips 2 pct in latest opinion poll

Two percent fewer respondents said they would vote for ruling SYRIZA in the event of general elections compared to mid-May, a public opinion poll conducted by University of Macedonia for Skai has revealed, with the leftist party polling at 34.5 percent compared to 36.5 percent less than a month earlier.

Despite the small dip in popularity, SYRIZA sill enjoys an 18-point lead over opposition and former coalition leader New Democracy, with the conservatives gathering 16.5 percent in the event of elections, Monday’s poll revealed.

Centrist To Potami and ultranationalist Golden Dawn polled neck-to-neck at 5.5 percent, followed by the Greek Communist Party (KKE) at 5 percent, PASOK at 3.5 percent and SYRIZA coalition partner Independent Greeks coming in last at 3 percent.

According to Monday’s poll, 7.5 percent of respondents said they would not vote for any of the existing parties and 19.5 percent said they do not know in whose favor they would cast their ballot.

Compared to a survey on May 18 conducted by the same institution, SYRIZA’s popularity dipped by 2 percent, with New Democracy and KKE seeing a small rise of 1 percent.

Just over half the respondents (51.5 percent) said they are frightened by the possibility that Greece could be expelled from the eurozone if talks with international creditors fail to come to a conclusion, while 16 percent said they look forward to such a prospect. A so-called Grexit would change nothing for the country, according to 28 percent of respondents, while 4.5 percent believe this would never happen.

On the front of domestic politics, 55.5 percent said they believe a new party needs to be formed to replace New Democracy, 20.5 percent said other center-right parties need to join forces with ND and 24 percent did not respond one way or another.

As far as the center-left is concerned, 39 percent believe that all parties on this side of the spectrum need to join forces in one party, 30 percent said they need to be disbanded and join either SYRIZA or New Democracy, and 20 percent did not respond. Just 4.5 percent said PASOK should form the core of a new center-left coalition and 6.5 percent believe To Potami would be better suited to this role.