Fire at recycling plant pouring noxious gases into Athens’s atmosphere

A fire at a privately owned recycling plant in Aspropyrgos, southwest of Athens, covered the Greek capital in smog and the smell of burning plastic for a fourth day on Tuesday, with authorities saying that it would take at least three to four days to extinguish the blaze completely.

The fire broke out on Saturday at the plant, which contained tons of plastic material, and has been pouring noxious gases into the capital’s atmosphere since, the general secretary of the Civil Protection Authority, Tasos Mavropoulos, told Skai on Tuesday.

He said that the Attica Regional Authority is unable to come up with the 20,000 euros needed to put out the blaze by dumping dirt on it.

The plant, which had been closed for several months due to unpaid debts by the owner, was completely destroyed by the blaze. It was not clear how the fire started.