Vangelis Giakoumakis’s death now treated as murder

A prosecutor in Ioannina, northwestern Greece, has turned an investigation into the apparent suicide of student Vangelis Giakoumakis into a murder case.

The prosecutor has issued charges of murder and grievous bodily harm, according to Dimitris Boukas, the lawyer representing the student’s family.

Giakoumakis’s body was found in March in a field near the Dairy School in Ioannina where he had been studying.

Giakoumakis had been missing for 37 days.

The coroner’s report said that no other DNA was found on or near the student’s body.

The Cretan student, who had drunk a small amount of alcohol before his death, slit his right wrist, according to the coroner.

However, there had been reports that Giakoumakis, who hailed from Crete, had been bullied by fellow students.

Boukas claimed specific people have been charged with hurting the 20-year-old but the charge of murder is against persons unknown at this stage.

The lawyer claimed that someone encouraged Giakoumakis to kill himself.