US hopeful on Greek deal before June 30

The US government was hopeful that a deal between Greece and its lenders would be achieved before June 30, when the cash-strapped country’s aid program ends.

“We are concerned about the impact a Greek default could have on a broader international economy and things that contribute to some volatility in the international economy often have an impact on the US economy. So that’s why you’ve seen so much engagement from the Treasury department, to try to bring the Greeks and their partners together to resolve their differences in a way that will not contribute to instability, either in the European economy or the global economy,” US press secretary Josh Earnest, told a press briefing in Washington late Wednesday.

President Barack Obama discussed the Greek issue at a recent G7 meeting, Earnest noted, and the US administration was “heartened” by the fact that resolving the situation prior to the deadline was in the interest of all parties involved.

Asked about whether Greek PM Alexis Tsipras had been invited to visit the White House, Earnest said he had no announcement to make regarding the subject.