Neighborhood police patrols boosted across country

The Greek Police on Monday announced the extension to 36 new regions in Greece of the so-called neighborhood policeman scheme, as part of a broader effort to “boost citizens’ sense of security and protection from opportunists and organized rackets trying to exploit their worries and anxiety.”

In Attica, the police presence is to be boosted in the Athens neighborhoods of Kallithea, Patissia, Pangrati, Glyfada, Halandri and Nikaia.

There will be extra police patrolling a number of areas in Thessaloniki as well as several other cities including Kilkis, Serres, Larissa and, Kavala and the islands of Crete and Rhodes.

Worried citizens can call the number 11888, according to a police statement which said the aim was “for no citizen to feel alone and helpless.”