Almost 109,000 young Greeks can vote in plebiscite

More than 100,000 young Greeks will have the right to vote for the first time in Sunday’s referendum, according to official government figures issued on Monday.

A total of 108,371 18-year-olds are eligible to cast votes on Sunday, of whom 55,206 are men and 53,165 are women, the figures from the Interior Ministry show. The total number of people registered to vote is 9.85 million, of whom 4.77 million are men and 5.08 million, according to the figures.

Greek law states that the outcome of a referendum is binding when at least 40 percent of those on the electoral roll participate. So, at least 3.94 million voters must cast ballots on Sunday for the outcome to be valid.

The wording on the ballot papers that Greeks will be asked to cast on Monday is as follows:

“Should the draft agreement that was submitted by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund at the Eurogroup on June 25, 2015, comprising two parts which constitute the overall proposal, be accepted?

“The first document is titled ‘Reforms for the completion of the current program and beyond’ and the second ‘Preliminary debt sustainability analysis.’

“Not approve/No [or] Approve/Yes.”