New measures announced for retirees to get cash


The Finance Ministry said Tuesday that hundreds of bank branches are to open today to help pensioners get their monthly payments. Three days after the government closed Greek banks and imposed capital controls, the move has chiefly been taken to assist elderly Greeks who do not have a cash card or do not know how use it.

Around 1,000 branches are to open around the country and there is expected to be a reinforced police presence to keep the peace. Pension payments to retirees of OTE telecom and Public Power Corporation were paid in time late on Monday after the Social Security Fund (IKA) indicated that there might be delays. But the government is still struggling to pay other pensions.

Some 367,000 beneficiaries of the fund for the self-employed, OAEE, got half of their monthly pension yesterday and will get the other half at some point soon, according to government officials. Beneficiaries of the farmers’ fund, OGA, are to get their pensions Wednesday.