EU’S Tusk says can’t help Greeks if they reject it


European Council President Donald Tusk said on Wednesday that Europe's leaders wanted to help Greece but could not do so in the face of rejection from Athens and said the EU was waiting now to see how Greeks voted on Sunday.

"Europe wants to help Greece. But cannot help anyone against their own will. Let's wait for the results of the Greek referendum," the former Polish prime minister who now chairs meetings of EU leaders said on Twitter.
Tusk used his power to organise summits to call eurozone leaders to a special meeting with Greece last week in a bid to avert Athens' bankruptcy. But many other states are frustrated with the leftist Greek government, which rejected terms for an extension of bailout credit and is now seeking a new loan.

Less than two hours before Tusk's tweet, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had renewed his call for voters to reject international creditors' terms in a referendum on Sunday.