Three Independent Greeks MPs distance themselves from gov’t line on referendum


Three deputies of junior Greek coalition partner Independent Greeks, Vassilis Kokkalis, Costas Damavolitis and Dimitris Kammenos (no relation to party founder, leader and current Defense Minister Panos Kammenos) on Thursday distanced themselves from the coalition government's line with regard to the referendum called by the government on Sunday.

“Last Saturday when I voted in favor of the referendum I had assurances that there would be no capital controls,” noted Larissa MP Kokkalis, on Thursday, adding that he did not have a mandate for closed banks.

Later in the day, Iraklio, Crete MP Damavolitis said that he had reached the conclusion that the plebiscite was about Greece keeping the euro or retuning to the drachma and urged voters to vote "Yes."

Damavolitis was subsequently expelled from the party and asked to return his parliamentary seat.

Meanwhile, in a written statement released on Thursday, Piraeus MP Dimitris Kammenos called for the withdrawal of the referendum and for Greece to return to the negotiating table.